Two Top Mountain Adaptive Sports Foundation

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Volunteers Needed for Winter and Summer Programs

Volunteer Structure

Two Top needs volunteers to teach or assist in teaching lessons for our Summer and Winter programs. This is a great opportunity for anyone to learn a new sport, or get better at a sport they love while at the same time they are helping someone with a disability learn the sport.

Please contact us at Two Top Mountain Adaptive Sports Foundation and discover how rewarding working in our programs can be!

Winter Programs

During the winter, we teach skiing and snowboarding. You do not need to be a great skier or rider to be an effective instructor or aid. We require all volunteers to participate in our early season training. If you are unable to attend we will try to get you involved with our programs by training you on the job. Every volunteer will receive a free ski lift voucher the day that they volunteer to help with lessons and one for a free day of skiing at Whitetail on another day. Click here for volunteer news

Summer Programs

During the summer we teach water skiing, fly fishing and kayaking. We water ski on the Potomac River south of Hagerstown, MD and kayak on the reservoirs and ponds in the surrounding area.

Application Process

Whether volunteering for winter or summer programs, a volunteer application form will need to be completed and waivers signed.
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