Two Top Mountain Adaptive Sports Foundation

Fundraising Tips

Make yourself known
Each participant page has a spot for you to talk about yourself or your team members and tell why you're doing the event. Be sure to fill that out so people know who you are and why you're participating. Just like in online dating, the profiles with pictures get more hits than those without. Therefore, be sure to include one of you or of an image that represents your team.

Give to yourself first

Start by making a donation to yourself online. Your gift will set the tone for others to give. Plus, it feels great to see something other than a goose egg next to your name

Send emails to everyone in your contact list: friends, family, co-workers, etc. You never know who will be touched by the event's mission and surprise you by donating. Consider following up before the event to let people know about your progress toward your fund-raising goal.

Write from the heart

A heartfelt, personal messages get the best response - see samples. Let potential donors know if you are skiing in honor of someone, and why the cause is important to you personally. Fundraising Packet

Double down
Many employers offer matching funds programs. Ask your employer's HR department if your $50 donation could turn into $100 through such a program.

Talk yourself up
Take the Bike for Disabled Vets web address ( everywhere you go and ask everyone you interact with to sponsor you. I can imagine few conversation starters better than: "Next weekend, I'll be biking to support a nonprofit that provides adaptive skiing/snowboarding, waterski and biking lessons to wounded warriors and other disabled athletes." Consider asking for a few moments on the agenda of business meetings to solicit support, too. 

Donation per mile
Work out a deal where people will donate based on the number of miles you ride, perhaps even make it tiered, like mile 1-25 $1/mile, 25-40 $2/mile, etc.. 

Corporate Sponsorship
Ask your company to make a donation. Visit local businesses in your area and ask them to give. Sample Letter

Auction it off
Auction off your team name, costume you'll wear day of the event, photo on your donation page, quote on the back of your bib. This way people aren't just donating to a good cause they're also having fun while they do it.

Show, don't tell
Include a link to one or more of our promoted videos in your emails to friends and family.



3. Whitetail Resort - Todd Love & Friends

4. (thank you Robert Mueller)

...and this article about Bill Dietrich, co-founder of Two Top Mountain Adaptive Sports Foundation.....

Gift it forward
If you have a birthday coming up, consider asking family and friends to donate to your 100K fund-raising campaign in lieu of a material gift. 

Post it
Use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to promote your Bike for Disabled Vets campaign. Don't forget to "like" us on Facebook at

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